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Sonnenland-Dralon A5

"Sonnenland" is the brand name for a 3-layer, high quality topping. Originally used by Mercedes Benz, Porsche, BMW and other top marques, will remain like new for many years. Tops only from our own production, cut, crafted and sewn carefully according original patterns using actual computer technology. Inside colour always black with wafer-structure.

The early "Sonnenland" Top material was already produced since the fifties with a cotton/rayon spun mixture. Old stock does no more exist or would be no more usable. Since around 1970 a 100% Dralon (TM) fibre is used for the outer fabric.

Since around 1995 additional to the "Sonnenland-Classic"-topping material the "Sonnenland-A5" material was developed. The outer fabric consists from technical identic fibre, but this is woven to a tighter surface to increase strength against abrasion. This happened due to the more frequent opening and closing of the electric tops in comparison to the less frequent operations of the manual tops. Resulting from the tighter weaving this A5 material has less flexibility, so this is for older vehicles with weaker top frames not generally recommended.

Also available: Sonnenland acoustic topping. Please note, that all other noise-sources remain unchanged, especially the connections to the front window frame and the door-seals. So only the more unimportant noise-original of the fabric surface itself is reduced by maximum 2-3db. On the other hand you have to accept the worse folding qualilty of the much stiffer acoustic material. Because of this we normally do not recommend use of this material for cars which are not originally constructed for it.

Some additional "Sonnenland"-Lookalike-Materials are available in the market. Especially the British "Mohair"-fabrics are a very poor copy, not fading proof and very abrasive already after short use. We never use this as well as the Italian imitations.

Sonnenland A5: Since approx. 1995 for actual models: Color code 121 - 142


Sonnenland A5 121 en

Sonnenland A5
121 pink
on inquiry

Sonnenland A5 122 en

Sonnenland A5
122 flieder
on inquiry

Sonnenland A5 123 en

Sonnenland A5
123 mineral green
on inquiry

Sonnenland A5 124 inside black en

Sonnenland A5
124 dark green
inside black + 75€

Sonnenland A5 124 inside tan en

Sonnenland A5
124 dark green
inside tan + 190€

Sonnenland A5 126 en

Sonnenland A5
126 dark tan
+ 75€

Sonnenland A5 127 en

Sonnenland A5
127 java tan
+ 75€

Sonnenland A5 127A en

Sonnenland A5
127A crème
+ 190€

Sonnenland A5 128A en

Sonnenland A5
128A black red
+ 190€

Sonnenland A5 129 en

Sonnenland A5
129 graffiti grey
+ 75€

Sonnenland A5 130 en

Sonnenland A5
130 orion grey
+ 75€

Sonnenland A5 130A en

Sonnenland A5
130A olive grey
+ 75€

Sonnenland A5 131A en

Sonnenland A5
131A magenta
+ 325€

Sonnenland A5 132 en

Sonnenland A5
132 mauve blue
+ 190€

Sonnenland A5 133 en

Sonnenland A5
133 metropol/indigo
+ 75€

Sonnenland A5 134 en

Sonnenland A5
134 black

Sonnenland A5 135 en

Sonnenland A5
135 blue

Sonnenland A5 136A en

Sonnenland A5
136A dark brown

Sonnenland A5 138 en

Sonnenland A5
138 titan grey
+ 190€

Sonnenland A5 139B en

Sonnenland A5
139B grenadine
+ 190€

Sonnenland A5 139C en

Sonnenland A5
139C bordeaux
+ 75€

Sonnenland A5 141 en

Dralon black
141 Smart
on inquiry

Sonnenland A5 142 en

142 Italian fine

Sonnenland A5 backside en

Sonnenland A5 backside

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