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Besides the industrial production of softtops and carpet sets we also do the individual tailoring of real leather interiors for restoration and recovering.

We never use leather for furniture or clothing, but only original Automotive-quality-leather of the automobile industry suppliers like e.g. Roser or Conolly, or correct reproductions of these. The production of these leathers is pcp-free.

This means not only quaranteed quality with high resistance against sun or humidity, but also no problems, if the same material would be required in later years, because the original colours of the manufacturers will stay available for many years.


Leder KHM Ausstattung 01
Mercedes 190 SL

Leder KHM Ausstattung 02
Porsche 356

Leder KHM Ausstattung 03
Mercedes 280 SL 113 Pagoda

We also manufacture seat sides and backs from leather and not from plastic, as well as the pipings around. These will not crack or discolour and give you value as if they would have been made from money saving PVC-materials. For seat center sections we can offer different perforation patterns, e.g. from Mercedes and Porsche (see below), further patterns are available.

Leder KHM Ausstattung 04
year of construct. '71/72 on

  Leder KHM Ausstattung 05
Mercedes basket-weave-perforation
also used for Porsche 356 and 911 up to '73
  Leder KHM Ausstattung 06
Porsche-Diagonal-hole-perforation '74 on

Leder KHM Ausstattung 07
  Leder KHM Ausstattung 08
  Leder KHM Ausstattung 09

Re-Covering of your interior:

Individually tailored according your intentions. We are using the original leather of the car manufacturers like e.g. Roser or Conolly, or correct reproductions of these.

Our patterns are well-tried and tested since decades.

The prices given above apply to original parts, including leather, fully upholstered. These prices may differ due to the use of special materials or the repair of seat frames, etc. After receiving your parts, we can calculate a price limit.

Leder KHM Preisliste en 01 
Please ask HERE for individual offer

Leder KHM Preisliste en 02
Please ask HERE for individual offer

Original-style full leather covers, Mercedes Benz

Seat covers for Mercedes models are made with original perforation or double-stitch seams and all designs according the original.

Leder KHM Preisliste en 03
Please ask HERE for individual offer

Original-style full leather covers, other models

Leder KHM Preisliste en 04
Please ask HERE for individual offer

Further models upon request.

Prices based on automotive leathers in actual light black, special or old original colours, or if only individual parts are commissioned, could cause price increases. Installation only on rebuilt or new seat padding by trimmer or skilled craftsmen recommended.

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